The “marina”ing of Life, and of Almazul…

Week 2 of marina life at Port Ginesta, and we now know what “Almazul” really means! Lots of hard work of course, but the actual meaning of our boat name was revealed when we we met a Spanish speaking German couple (of course!) who gave us the translation….It means blue soul 💙! (Alma-soul; and Azul-blue) This was a very pleasant surprise and completely serendipitous! Our own research into the name stopped at discovering Almazul is a municipality in northern Spain (The name of which is derived from the Arabic “al Mahsul”;. referring to the vertical movement of water due to the birth of the river Henar in this county…. who knew?) We were satisfied with that, but were warmed to learn the true meaning of the name “Almazul”.

We have had some rain, thunderstorms and wind this week. The sound of wind singing soulfully through the masts, and the change in temperature and skyscape have created some welcome interludes amidst the enduring clear, hot sunny weather that is Catalonia in summer.

Some new experiences this week included:

  • A hot evening walk up a shaly cliff path from the beach – the panoramic view of Port Ginesta and Garraff completely distracted us from our rapidly soaring core body temperature! Making some recreational plans is just as important as boat work, surely?
  • Using the “lavadora” in the “lavanderia” – which happily housed a book exchange, complete with some Australian authors!
  • Several shopping trips for various boat/human requisites. These trips are worth a mention because we have discovered that Spanish supermarkets are really something extra!! Apart from the lush and varied fresh food, my mind was officially blown when, on a shampoo search, I found 19 types of televisons, washing machines, several foldable bike options, clothes, real Nike runners, etc etc ad infinitum! (Mind you I should have been alerted to the magnitude of this behemoth shop when I had to go to the SECOND FLOOR….. a two story supermarket?!)
  • A car expedition to Vilanova to buy spray hood window plastic, and a beach visit. The coastal road atop sandstone cliffs was truly spectacular. While in Vilanova we were also on a foldable bike mission , at Alcampo, another of the behemoth supermarkets. By happenstance ….no foldable bikes -but HALLELUJAH!!!! we found coasters!!! The joy I felt was possibly a little out of proportion in relation to these humble household items…. but they seemed not to exist here, and so of course we found ourselves in DESPERATE need of them suddenly…and have had great trouble finding them. In fact we had almost decided to buy a pack of six for €22… so you know we must’ve been desperate… but now we have budget friendly coasters.



Visiting the local Italian cafe to listen to our boat neighbors playing fantastic music, and meeting other boat and local people. This included a 2 German couples, some very friendly Croatians, some lovely young Estonians, some happy Italians, and almost an Australian/English couple.


Poor M losing 20 minutes of his life, never to be recovered, in a mammoth Chinese two dollar shop…… he needed a warm beer in the car on the way home. This meant me driving – an option he would normally avoid, especially on Spanish motorways!!


Watching a couple of super cute toddlers dancing with their families on the boardwalk at midnight, to music from a huge beatbox they had brought along.

On a similar note, seeing a large line dancing group on a soccer pitch?? After midnight, all in hats, boots, big belt buckles etc – why not??


Fresh tuna pan fried expertly by Magnus – mmm…

Finding a two for one “Verdejo” special at €3.20 that is reminiscent of a Geisen or a Stoneleigh Sav Blanc – winning!! Must try it with tuna?

Eating still sun warm tomatoes and chillis, grown by our boat neighbors in Zaragoza. “They have taste” (tienen gusto) she said – she was right!

Zaragoza tomato and chillis.

Eating tortilla cooked by our boat neighbor- perfect!! The kind offerings delivered over the side of the boat make us feel very welcome here. Our turn to share some national food now….

This week will be hard to beat in Food and Bevvy highlights I think.


  • This week was planning week, and we have made 3 priority levels, with maybe over 100 tasks to complete. This has enabled us to structure our work, time, and supplies in order to hopefully meet our planned departure date for the Canary Islands in mid October.
  • Deck cleaning complete
  • Sides of boat cleaned, from SUP!!
  • Rig inspection complete
  • Dingy inflated and tested. (M thinks too small ATM)
  • Nav table in order
  • AIS installed
  • Locker order emerging?
  • Saggy ceiling fixed
  • Windlass service complete
  • Leaking hatches fixed


This week it must be “Happy Captain = Happy Life/Crew/Boat…”

Will work on a more catchy phrase !!

4 Replies to “The “marina”ing of Life, and of Almazul…”

    1. Thanks Maree!
      We have loved following The Great Escape, and are enjoying having a little escape of our own!! Hope you have a new little one to love very soon!! 🙂🧡

  1. Kul att läsa hur det går för er. Vi kom hem från vår segling i skärgården i dag. Nu stundar en veckas jobb och sedan åker vi till italien en vecka. Både jag och Sandra läser er blogg. Writing in swedish so you dont forget it.

    1. Hej Blomman!
      Hoppas ni hade en fin tur till Italien.
      Vi kom till Gibraltar i torsdags och nu så har vi turistat lite.
      Nu blir det några dagar med båtfix innan vi sätter fart söderut igen.
      Hoppas vi ses snart!

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