Getting to Almazul – Road Trip from Sweden to Spain

Our express no frills road trip traversing Western Europe from north to south in the jam packed but trusty Saab is complete!

The car was completely jammed with boat requisites, and the tightly packed contents caused a few unexpected moments with the electric seat and window controls… (I was NOT crushed against the dashboard as it turns out, but it did feel that way for a moment!! And we didn’t lose TOO much stuff out of an accidentally opened window…)😂

We are now happily installed on the boat, and have almost transferred the contents of the car – a surprisingly tight fit 😮and our already long “to do” list, is growing by the minute!!

It is super hot and will be hot for the foreseeable future – 35 degrees IN the boat. 🥵However the Med provides welcome respite from the heat when we really need to escape the boat work for a moment. 

Magnus has suffered sunburn, had an unexpected swim from the passarella, written off an iPhone, otherwise is healthy and well.

I am also well, and adjusting to the daily routine dictated by the climate.



Meeting other boat owners, tradespeople and fellow live aboards in the port.

On invitation,sitting on a boat talking and making music with four Brazilians, (two of whom live in Germany) and two Spaniards, speaking in four languages and sharing our worlds.

When Gerard from Aurum yachts found and gave me a mid 2000’s Blue Dufour mug! I have been searching and searching for one of these to replace one I accidentally tossed overboard from our dear friends Anki and Janne’s boat “Lazy 🐸” most sincere thanks Gerard!!

Swimming in the Med when it is super hot.

Learning a few new Spanish words; tide, like, ok, laundry, bleach, toilet. (cleaning has obviously been a focus this week !)


Car aircon malfunction-but no biggie, we are sweating all the time anyway!


Unplanned swim off the pasarella?

Completing at least 5 laps of a roundabout trying to get home from IKEA


-Inside almost sorted 

-AIS installed, not quite finished. 

-Electronic charts found

-Deck cleaning started.

-Leaking hatches identified.


Spanish marinated chicken! SO tender and tasty!

Trying a Spanish red wine “Vina Albali”

Discovering that we CAN put ice creams in the tiny freezer.

Learning from our boat neighbor that a tetra pack of wine that we bought because it was a novelty is actually known as being only for homeless people!

Start of the adventure…

Well the boat is bought …..Almazul is a Beneteau Oceanis 473, currently in Catalonia.
Now the work begins!!
We are looking forward to the road trip from Stockholm to Barcelona……really!! The car will be jam packed with everything we can possibly fit to fix and live aboard a boat.
Now tongue firmly in cheek here but….
I am secretly hoping for an experience similar to the film “The Trip to Italy” but inland😂…. no Mini convertible but a trusty 2007 Saab 95!! 😮

PS. we are studiously ignoring an engine warning light….but I am travelling with an engineer….what could possibly go wrong??