About us


I am an 54 year old from Västerås in Sweden with 3 children who has moved from home and now live in Stockholm and Västerås.

I started of as an engineer and computer programmer in the mid 80`s. First jobs were in industrial robots and automation. Later in my professional career I have been working as a project manager in automation and power industry. I have always had a big interest in electronics and computers.

My main interest apart from sailing is downhill skiing, motorcycles and outdoor activities in general. My interest in sailing started in 2013 when I went on a charter in Greece. Everything was just amazing and I soon started to think of getting a boat of my own. I bought an 1983 Birdie 32. Birdie 32 is Swedish boat and was a great boat to have in lake Mälaren and Stockholm archipelago.

After a couple of summers sailing I met Rebecca in Melbourne. We started to talk about taking some time off work and do a longer sail. In the summer of 2019 we bought Almazul, an Oceanis 473 in Port Ginesta outside Barcelona.

Unfortunately I hurt my shoulder during a sailing in Melbourne and I had to do a shoulder cuff surgery. The recovery is long and will possibly limit sailing for 12 months.


Hey! Well..this short tale is not exactly a ripping yarn or frantic page turner, but to honour the format of our blog page, here goes:
I am a healthy and curious 51 yo Australian woman with a close knit family scattered around Victoria. I come from a horsey background, and have loved all kinds of riding and equestrian sports, netball, being outdoors, being active, eating, drinking, and trying new things!
I am a mum and a teacher with a passion for a “level playing field” for everyone and my work in early childhood has focussed on inclusion.
Working and raising my family amid the business of sports, horses, holidays, pets, family – and the warmth and friendship of other families have filled the last 20 odd years with much joy and laughter while my children grew. Now my 2 beautiful, strong, intelligent, independent (and searingly honest!) daughters are embarking on their adult lives, and I am beginning my next life – (or as my daughter refers to it, my midlife crisis!) on a boat called Almazul, with a wonderful Swedish man called Magnus.
I am especially lucky because not only is Magnus handsome, charming, witty, and kind; he is also always right!! 😘 We met through friends in Melbourne and the past couple of years have been a blur of working, mothering, cross cultural communication and travelling, me learning (a little) Swedish, making plans for the future, and living between Sweden and Australia – hence our blog moniker:
“A SwedeOz Adventure.”
My sailing experience is limited to our family’s dinghy and sailboard when I was a child, and some sailing with my uncle on a 27ft Farr. More recently a short Learn to Sail course and some social and race crewing around Melbourne have helped me to gain some experience, including crossing Bass Strait – as gently as possible apparently…..
(thanks Dave and Pete!)
Magnus and I sailed for a couple of months in The Baltic Sea last year, during the hottest Swedish summer on record!
Of course this fantastic experience only magnified my enthusiasm for our planned long sail. 🙂
My main job as crew on Almazul ATM (as well as chief cook and bottle washer); is to remain as “sound” as possible while Magnus’s shoulder heals.

Let the adventure begin!

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